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Braunschweig dating

braunschweig dating

Mecklenburg 1635 two children Younger son of Henry. In the wake of his death, Elector Wenceslas appointed Bernard, his brother-in-law, as co-regent involved him in the government. George I 17 February Calenberg Anne Eleonore of Hesse-Darmstadt 14 December 1617 Darmstadt eight children Younger son of William. The land passed to his brother, Christian. Otto abdicated in 1527 and founded his own estate, the Lordship of Harburg, which passed to his own descendants. As he left no descendanrs, the land passed to his brother. For this reason, many cities and provinces in former British colonies are named after Brunswick or Lüneburg. From Lüneburg to Hanover edit Main article: History of Hanover One of the dynastic lines was that of the princes of Lüneburg, who in 1635 acquired Calenberg for George, a junior member of the family who set up residence in the city of Hanover. Thus the Wolfenbüttel was the remaining old land of Brunswick-Lüneburg that remained separate. To the north this new state bordered on the County of Hoya near Nienburg and extended from there in a narrow, winding strip southwards up the River Leine through Wunstorf and Hanover where it reached the Principality of Wolfenbüttel.

Münden no children Dorothea of Lorraine 26 November 1575 Nancy no children Left no descendants, and Calenberg was annexed to Wolfenbüttel. Great Britain and Hanover remained united in personal union until the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837.

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History of the mannheim sextreffen subordinate principalities edit The subsequent history of the dukedom and its subordinate principalities was characterised by numerous divisions and reunifications. The Hanoverians never ruled Brunswick while they held the British throne, as the city was part of neighboring Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel. Inherited Calenberg from his cousin Frederick Ulrich, who had left no descendants. Henry retained Wolfenbüttel and Eric retained Calenberg. Left the government business for Anton von Streithorst, who nearly ruined the state by minting coins from cheap metals and thus causing inflation. Nicknamed "Sascha the right-hander started playing at the age of five. As he left no male heirs, the land passed to his younger brother, Ernest Augustus. Anthony Ulrich Wolfenbüttel Elizabeth Juliana of thirteen children John Frederick December 1679 Calenberg Benedicta Henrietta of the Palatinate 30 November 1668 Hanover three children Brother of Christian Louis and George William. Otto restricted the rights of the knights and safeguarded public order.

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