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Lesbian dating tumblr

lesbian dating tumblr

queer fat femme and brown round boi among others. We are bona-fide tumblr enthusiasts. Miss april is a dyke it says so on her underpants. Were not gay, were fashion: drag edition.

We like kim stolz when she dresses like a boy. We are lesbians who look like Justin Bieber. We enjoyed your party. We are clean-skinned naked ladies all curled up around each other like fetuses or spoons or a pile of dead bodies. Were being serious.). We are attracted to that girl smoking in wifebeater. We enjoy the Suicide Girls. We create gratuitous fictional character femslash art courtesy of autumn sacura via fuck yeah lesbians!

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We are always getting undressed IN the shower. Everyone knows kristen stewart IS dating period straight. We appreciate emma watsons short haircut. We are not afraid to do some heavy lifting. Oh also you should read our tumblr. We know more about ruby roses personal life than we do about her professional life. We are Justin Bieber. We are gender outlaws.

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