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their work, the team found ancient pottery and coins dating back as far as 500. Following the exceptional amphora deposit uncovered in Rome in Castro Pretorio at the end of the 1800s, he collected almost 200 inscriptions from amphorae and included them in the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

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In an attempt to preserve the remains as best they can, the researchers hope to avoid excavation and analyse the ruins using ground-penetration radar instead. The necks of pithoi are wide for scooping or bucket access. Mr Rönnlund speculates that Roman conquest of the area may have driven the city's inhabitants from their homes. The handles might not be present. Some examples bear the inscription " " meaning "I am one of the prizes from the goddess Athena". The city ruins were found on the summit and slopes of a hill around a small village called Vlochs, 300km (190 miles) north of Athens.

Classification edit The first systematic classification of Roman amphorae types was undertaken by the German scholar Heinrich Dressel. Actes du Colloque de Sienne (22- Rome, Marangou-Lerat, Le vin et les amphores de Crte de lepoque classique lepoque impriale, in Etudes Cretoises, 30, Paris, 1995 Beltrn, Las anforas Romanas en Espana, Zaragoza "Sulla cronologia delle anfore romane di et repubblicana" in Rivista Studi Liguri. It was very heavy, although also strong. This feature becomes the distinctive mark of late-Republican/early imperial productions, which are then called neo-Phoenician. The volume of a Roman amphora was one cubic foot,. They are occasionally so well preserved that the original content is still present, providing information on foodstuffs and mercantile systems.